Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dirty On Her Harley

Motorcycle Mama By Anthony Falbo

Motorcycle Irene

By Moby Grape

There she sits a-smokin'
Reefer in her mouth
Her hair hanging northward
As she travels south
Dirty, on her Harley
(But her nails are clean)
Super powered, deflowered
Over eighteen Irene

I've seen her in the bare
Wearing her tattoos and her chains
Wrapped around her body
There are written all the names
Of prisons she's been in
And lovers she has seen
Curve winding, bumpin' and grindin'
Motorcycle Irene

Ground around like hamburger
Layin' in a splat
'Tis Irene's machine I seen
In pieces crumpled flat
Her feet were in the bushes
Her toes were in her hat
Stark raving, untaming
Motorcycle Irene

The Hunchback, the cripple
Horseman and the fool
Prayer books and candles
And carpet, cloaks and jewels
Knowing all the answers
Breakin' all the rules
Stark naked, unsacred
Motorcycle Irene


Moby Grape (Circa 1967)


  1. Dykes on bikes they had in mind?

    1. Bi-sexual I think, and an outlaw. It is, I believe, a song about hubris. "Knowing all the answers, breaking all the rules ..."