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The Pink Panther Democrats And The Wobbly Republicans

Peter Sellers As Inspector Clousseau

Congressional Republicans Go Wobbly With Calls For Special Prosecutor

Elected Republicans tend to go wobbly when it comes to resisting the deranged Left. Paradoxically, this is especially true when the GOP holds the reins of power. Of course, this is not true of every elected Republican but it is true of enough of them for it to be a real and ongoing problem.

After having four massive electoral victories in a row, the Republicans have more power than they’ve had in decades. And, if the Republicans can just score a few legislative victories over the next two years, and continue goosing the economy the way they’ve been doing, the GOP will continue dominating the political scene. The Democrats have not been this weak since the 1920s. Judging from the media coverage of the Trump Administration, the way that elected Democrats are acting, and the opinions of the self-styled “experts” from within the Washington, D.C.-New York-Boston corridor, however, you’d think the GOP had just lost the election.


Instead, select Republicans are feeding into the Democrat lie that there are secret Trump-Russia connections waiting to be uncovered. Since the Fall of 2016, the Left increasingly has become unhinged in forwarding their belief that President Donald Trump is a Russian stooge. Like modern day McCarthyites, the Democrats intend to find a micturating Russian hooker on top of every bed in Trump Tower.

Yet, they are not McCarthyites. At least the House Un-American Committee (HUAC) can claim to have taken down an actual Red spy in Alger Hiss. Whatever excesses he may have engaged in, Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI) was more correct about Communist meddling of yesteryear than the Democrats have ever been about undue Russian influence over Donald Trump today. In fact, rather than being like Senator Joe McCarthy, the Democrats are behaving like a modern-day Inspector Jacques Clouseau from the Pink Panther.

Judging from the media coverage of the Trump Administration, the way that elected Democrats are acting, and the opinions of the self-styled “experts” from within the Washington, D.C.-New York-Boston corridor, however, you’d think the GOP had just lost the election.

Like Clouseau, the Democrats have been right about undue influence in the 2016 presidential election. But, just like Clouseau trying to speak with a key witness: they’ve fallen down the stairs, gotten their hands caught in a medieval knight’s gauntlet, broken a priceless vase, incapacitated the very witness they sought to interrogate, and accidentally shot their fellow officer.

The Democrats believe that Putin and Trump colluded to “steal” the election away from Hillary Clinton. All that they’ve “discovered” is that former President Obama (and his national security staff) misused their power to spy on senior Trump Campaign advisers, and then leaked that ill-gotten information to the press! So, yes, like Clouseau, the Left is correct about the purported crime of undue influence in the election. They just got their suspects wrong. 

That’s the real scandal here. The misuse of the awesome power of America’s surveillance state against its own citizens for the purpose of partisan warfare. The Obama Administration’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, the National Security Agency’s Director Admiral Michael S. Rodgers, and (the now former) FBI Director James Comey have all testified to Congress that there is no evidence of an illicit connection between President Trump and Russian agents of influence. More damningly, the same elected Democrats who keep spreading the Trump-Russia lie have admitted to their fellow travelers in the legacy media that no evidence exists proving the Left’s false claims.

Alas, preferred Leftist narratives die hard.

Yet, the Republicans—who hold majorities in both the House and the Senate—continue to allow the Democrats to push their lies in Congress. Now, as the Left madly demands a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate these unsubstantiated accusations, the Washington Post reports that several moderate Republicans inexplicably want to grant their request! The Republicans have taken up their preferred battle formation: the circular firing squad. 

Like a dirty bomb set to go off at a specific time, any special prosecutor investigation will slowly tear the Administration apart. It will pit coworkers against coworkers.

But, if President Trump has nothing to hide, who cares, right? Imagine if that was the standard for criminal law in America—guilty until proven innocent. Besides, that kind of mentality is exactly what allowed for the Obama Administration to misuse its power to wage political warfare upon the Trump Campaign in the first place. This is banana republic territory, not American justice.

The Republican Party has a disturbingly long history of shooting itself in the foot. As I’ve noted recently, the George W. Bush Administration allowed for the naming of a special prosecutor—Patrick Fitzgerald—in order to resolve the Valerie Plame scandal. Rather than resolving anything, the investigation opened an entirely new nexus of partisanship and Leftist lies. Instead of settling the matter reasonably, it set off a witch hunt against prominent Bush Administration officials, not because they were guilty of any wrongdoing but because they committed the Thought Crime of being conservatives.

Ultimately, the Plame Scandal will inform any special prosecutorial investigation into the amorphous Trump-Russia “scandal” that the Left has been hocking since last Fall. This “scandal” is the Left’s lazy excuse for having lost against Donald Trump, a man they believe to be a buffoon and a scoundrel. If this kind of witch hunt occurs in the Trump Administration, given all of the animus and distrust directed toward the president (a majority of it being absolutely baseless), it will destroy the Administration in the same way that the Plame investigation eviscerated the Bush Administration.

Like a dirty bomb set to go off at a specific time, any special prosecutor investigation will slowly tear the Administration apart. It will pit coworkers against coworkers. As the ticking time bomb gets closer to detonation, it will force President Trump into a dangerously defensive posture. And, the longer the investigation drags on (and it will go on for an inordinate amount of time), the more the media coverage will reach critical mass, and the less credibility the Trump Administration will have with the voters. As President Trump’s leadership loses credibility; as he is forced to take more time out of his governing agenda and focus on protecting his Administration from a baseless investigation, his governing agenda will grind to a halt.

Ultimately, the bomb will detonate: someone, somewhere in the Administration will be convicted…of something―anything. It will likely have nothing to do with Trump and it will likely be unrelated to any illicit Russian connections; it would probably be a process crime. Like the “Scooter” Libby indictment, it will simply remove a highly effective, very loyal member of the Trump team. In so doing, it will further neuter the Trump Administration’s ability to lead. What’s more, the Left will spin this in the same manner that they spun the Plame Scandal conviction of “Scooter” Libby: as proof-positive that a Republican president betrayed the oath of his office.

The Democrats will be given the reprieve they need going into 2018. They will then be given the momentum they require to effectively challenge the Republicans in 2020. Even if they cannot ultimately win in 2020; if the voters decide to give Trump another chance, as they did with George W. Bush in 2004, Trump’s effectiveness will have been permanently diminished. And, like in 2006, the Republicans will become slowly consumed by a renewed Democratic Party, which will inevitably reignite the radical lurch to the Left that America experienced under President Obama.

This will all have become a reality because of a handful of thin-skinned, weak-kneed, morally vacuous Congressional Republicans who were too scared to stand up for their president (and maybe throw the ball back in the Democrats’ face). Where is the investigation of Susan Rice? Why haven’t Clinton and her senior advisers been dragged to federal court for all of their skullduggery? Why aren’t leading Republicans questioning former President Obama (and other Obama staffers) about their roles in the illegal unmasking of senior Trump campaign aides from last year?

The Congressional Republicans need to grow a spine and stop going wobbly in the face of psychotic political aggression from the Left. There can be no more ground given on this issue. Stop giving Senator Dianne Feinstein and her colleagues time during committee hearings to keep perpetuating this lie. GOP leaders should publicly disown equivocating remarks from Republican Senators, such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, when they start to align with the Democrats in their calls for a special prosecutor.

Lastly, Trump voters: keep a list of all of those Republicans who are betraying the voters by siding against their party’s leader. When 2018 comes around, make sure these folks get primaried. These weak Republicans are worse than the Democrats because, at least the Left is fighting for what they believe. These Republicans are just interested in keeping their own little fiefdoms and staying in the good graces of their elite pals, like Joe Scarborough.

Like many Trump voters, I am losing patience with wobbly Republicans. Tell these squeamish elected officials: no special prosecutor for the Trump-Russia “scandal” or no reelection in 2018. Focus on Making America Great Again.

From American Greatness (May 15, 2017)

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