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Calling Ralph Nader

Summoning The Ghost of Ralph Nader: A Different Strategy For A Trump Victory
The above map is an optimistic projection for Mr. Trump, in which he wins both of the big swing states–Ohio and Florida–but still loses to Hillary Clinton. This map also shows Mr. Trump winning all of the states that are leaning Republican right now, but that could end up in Mrs. Clinton’s camp: Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. It is optimistic to assume all five go to Mr. Trump, and even if they do, Mr. Trump still loses.
In order to win, he needs to take all of the states marked red, which is a long shot, and take one blue state: Colorado, New Hampshire, Virginia, Pennsylvania. A victory for Mr. Trump in any of those states would be a serious upset, and no polling suggests it will happen. Is it impossible for Mr. Trump to win? No, but it is unlikely. The surge he got in the polls after the Republican National Convention is long gone, and although he did well in all three debates, none gave him the boost he needed to win.
However, I do not despair. I have been knocking on doors for Mr. Trump since August, and I am going to keep doing it until Election Day. I would still encourage you all to do the same. However, there is another strategy that you could call “summoning the ghost of Ralph Nader.” Readers will remember that in the 2000 election, Mr. Nader was the candidate of the Green Party and won almost 3 percent of the vote. His third party bid cost Democratic candidate Al Gore the election. Since tens of millions of lefties in this country could never dream of voting for Mr. Trump, supporters of Mr. Trump should do what they can to convince lefties to vote for this year’s Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. With any luck, she could get enough votes to cheat Mrs. Clinton of the presidency.
Jill Stein

While I cannot in good conscience recommend donating to or volunteering for Dr. Stein, the many thousands of keyboard warriors reading this should prepare for battle. If you regularly comment on American Renaissance, Breitbart, etc, take a break until after the election to attack supporters of Mrs. Clinton and stump for Dr. Stein on leftist websites. The comments threads of articles on Salon and Alternet would be a good place to do this, as well as the two most popular leftist forum websites: Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.
Remember, convincing these people to support Mr. Trump is hopeless. Convince them that Mrs. Clinton is evil, and that a good conscience demands a vote for Dr. Stein. I recommend three different attacks.
These three issues are mostly what drove supporters of Bernie Sanders during the nomination, and Dr. Stein and Senator Sanders are in complete agreement on them. Remember that you are trying to convince leftists that Mrs. Clinton is unfit for the presidency, so cite leftist sources. The links above are good places to start, but if you need more I would recommend the uniquely evil Marxian website Jacobin. It constantly attacks Mr. and Mrs. Clinton from the Left while promoting Dr. Stein, and it does a good job. A few links worth sending to leftists:
Besides citing these facts on message boards and in comments threads, if you have a lot of leftist friends and family, you should post some of them to Facebook and promote them on Twitter. Leftists should know that this year they have a principled anti-war, protectionist, pro-welfare, anti-prison-system, environmentalist candidate–and her name is Jill Stein.
Outside of the internet, the one “real life” act of support for Dr. Stein I recommend is very specific. If you live in a liberal part of a swing state, buy some Green Party yard signs and put them up in public areas. Put them in public parks and in the grassy medians of busy streets. Ask if you can put them up in hip coffee shops and record stores. While there is no point to doing this in Seattle or Minneapolis, it is well worth doing in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s best to target specific neighborhoods of big cities in swing states: Little Five Points in Atlanta, LoHi in Denver, and North Liberties in Philadelphia are good examples. If you are in a swing state, put up yard signs for Dr. Stein wherever there are young, college educated, liberal whites.
Ralph Nader (Born 1934)

Ralph Nader was not unique. America has a long history of spoiler candidates. Ross Perot helped get Bill Clinton elected in 1992, and helped him stay elected in 1996. Teddy Roosevelt’s third party candidacy in 1912 ensured the defeat of President Taft and the election of Woodrow Wilson. Perhaps most significant of all was the spoiler in the election of 1844, the radical abolitionist James G. Birney of the Liberty Party. Like Ralph Nader, he ran to the left of the mainstream leftist candidate and won less than three percent of the vote. Had he not run, the Whig candidate Henry Clay would have certainly won the state of New York and been elected president. Instead, James K. Polk became president, the Mexican-American War was launched, and our country forever changed.
So, dear friends, let’s get to work and summon the ghost of Ralph Nader.

[Editor’s Note: This perspective represents the views of the author and is not an official endorsement by American Renaissance or its parent organization, The New Century Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization that does not endorse candidates or specific legislation.]
From The American Renaissance (October 21, 2016)

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