Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worse Than Hitler? Gee Whiz!

Breaking News: Trump Is Worse Than Hitler
Like a tranny who’s struggling to open a jar a few weeks after “her” operation, the Washington Post just can’t seem to control public opinion anymore, no matter how hard it squeezes and strains. To claim that they’re losing their cool about Trump’s seemingly invincible national populist revolution would be an understatement. After over a year of softly and self-consciously implying and suggesting that Trump is kinda-sorta Hitlerish, they’ve officially spilled their spaghetti: Trump isn’t basically Hitler, Trump’s worse than Hitler!
Shalom Auslander’s thesis is “Hitler was a psychopath. Trump is just a con man.” Hitler was famously direct, focused, and precise. America’s Hitler is American. Trump’s a reality show star, a natural comedian, and a master salesman. None of us really know who he’s conning, but the Jewish journalists wouldn’t be this irate if they didn’t suspect that he’s at least somewhat serious about what he’s saying to some degree. We’re halfway through September, and save for a rapidly reversed hiccup a couple weeks ago, there’s little sign of him pivoting away from the fundamentally nationalist message he carried through the primaries.
I believe Shalom Auslander may be a Jew.  He says:
I am a Jew — a New York Writer Liberal Jew, the scariest Jew of all — and from a very young age, I was taught about an unimaginable horror called the Holocaust and about an evil man named Adolf Hitler.
The great thing about the Holocaust is that it requires everybody to be a conspiracy theorist. Some believe there was a highly secret government plot to exterminate a race of mankind with an elaborate network of customized mass killing farms disguised as labor camps. Some believe that a global network of academicians and politicians doubled down on frenzied wartime propaganda, harassing and intimidating anybody and everybody who threatened their shakedown industry they crafted around the myth. Both sides sound pretty outlandish, and there is no third option.
Shalom also apparently holds a dim view of the German chancellor…
Hitler believed Jews were the cause of every problem. He believed extermination was the solution. He believed that the “Spear of Destiny,” the spear the Romans used to poke Jesus on the cross, would give him magical powers. He had an elaborately developed, hideous, deplorable theory of how things worked, and he believed in it deeply.
He lifted that nonsense from a tacky clickbait listicle. When it comes to Jewish history, we enter a special warp tunnel where basic standards of academic seriousness no longer apply. It’s a warp tunnel where the most absurd and lurid rumors are reflexively accepted as objective facts. Himmler was certainly on about some pretty goofy stuff, but Hitler was an intensely pragmatic man with no patience for the occultist fad popular at the time throughout Europe and America alike. And the vast majority of the NSDAP were humble farmers, factory workers, mothers, and pensioners seeking refuge from rampant Jewish degeneracy, financial exploitation, and the looming threat of Bolshevism.
Spoiler Alert: Jewish degeneracy won. Regardless of what happened in WWII, the only acceptable (in many cases, the only legal) line is whatever Shalom Auslander declares it to be.
Am I praising Hitler? No. I’m saying that if you absolutely had to find just one thing to say about Hitler that was positive — if you could somehow siphon out all the festering, maggot-infested sewage that filled his soul to reveal one razor-thin sliver to point to in his favor — you could possibly say, well, at least he believed what he said. Which you can’t say about Donald Trump.
If Trump were merely another opportunistic con man playing us rubes for suckers, why would Auslander be this apoplectic? Wouldn’t that describe most politicians, including the perennially waffling pay-to-play back office machine politician Hillary? Auslander isn’t angry that Trump’s a con artist, he’s angry about the fact that an implicitly anti-semitic platform is electrifying the nation. The notion that a hyper-liberal New York Jew would be angry that a conservative politician would be insincere is absurd on the face of it.
Which bring me to the second reason the comparison of Trump to Hitler bothers me: This isn’t the comparison that matters. It’s the easy comparison, the one that leaves us — We The People — safe from criticism.  The comparison that matters is not, “Is Donald Trump like Hitler?” but, “Are we like Hitler’s willing executioners?”
When Shalom says “we,” it’s not self-inclusive. He’s accusing America’s goyim of being a bunch of Nazis. Even if you don’t name the Jews, if you’re putting America First, the Jews will name you. And if you’re not a brilliant and well-connected billionaire with balls of imported Swedish green marble, they will break you. The Jews aren’t so much angry at Trump as they’re angry at the deplorable goyim propelling him to victory.
Are [you goyim] that terrified? Are [you goyim] that hateful? Are [you goyim] that frightened, that cowardly, that selfish, that helpless, that cold-hearted, that dumb, that easily manipulated, that easily provoked? Are [you goyim] so bereft of answers, so pathetically hopeless, that all [yougoyim] can come up with is easy scapegoating and blind fealty to Our Great Leader? Are [you goyim] really going to fall for the dumbest, oldest, easiest trick in the book?
Maybe it’s not the End of History after all, Shalom. And maybe America will follow the leader of every other European nation in history in eventually awakening from the Jewish spell and driving y’all out. Whether Trump turns out to be the man who rises up from among the people to drive you out of power, what’s been demonstrated is that our human nature hasn’t been fundamentally transformed. White Americans are actually reviving their spirit of racial pride, bucking the Jewish plan for them, and growing immune to the usual enticements and enforcements.
Shalom Auslander (Born 1970) Is Every Bit As Dumb As He Looks

From TradYouth (September 14, 2016)

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