Saturday, September 24, 2016

White Devils

All white people are fuckin' devils.
-Keith Lamont Scott's Brother 

* * * * *
Black Cop Kills Black Thug In Charlotte; Blacks Riot

By Paul Kesey

Black cop shoots black male reading a book pointing a gun at him.

Black people riot.

Somehow, white people are to blame.

Legacy of slavery, systemic racism, a devaluing of black bodies or something of this nature. 

All of this on the same day Hillary Clinton goes on a black radio show to denounce white police, white people, and all white institutions in America as irredeemable (again, Mrs. Clinton, that's a word we've been using around for quite sometime...).   

Obviously, the fact the black father of seven [Keith Lamont Scott] wasn't armed with a book, but was instead armed with a gun (which he pointed at a police officer) is further proof of the incurable racism of white people since it was - logically - a society overwhelmed with 'implicit bias' ultimately denying our latest black-person-killed-by-the-racist-police-turned-flavor-of-the-Black-Lives-Matter-Moment the right to have a book on his person at the time he was callously and coldly murdered.


Black people are the greatest liability in our nation, not some vast, rich, untapped asset. Laws once held in check black dysfunction, but with the civil rights victories of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, black individuals were liberated from being held accountable for their actions, because our leaders (both in private and public sectors) were fearful of collective retaliation of blacks.

The state is now firmly on the side of protecting black individuals from being held responsible for their actions, even as - collectively - black people pull down the very foundations of the civilization white people long ago established on the North American continent brick by brick.

Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, Milwaukee, Baton Rouge, and Charlotte: cities where black leaders/black clergy united with the media and the Obama Administrations on behalf of black criminals against the civilization white people long ago establish, and white cops still foolishly believe they can maintain some degree of law and order.

There can be no law and order when our elected/appointed leaders believe the ultimate crime in 2016 America is daring to arrest a black person, who by virtue of being black is somehow excused from moral agency ... because of  'implicit bias' or some other buzz word Hillary Clinton can remember to say. 

From Stuff Black People Don't Like (September 21, 2016)

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