Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Last Election, Part II

And Now For Something Completely Different ... 

By Mann Deville

Hillary Clinton is the most deeply flawed presidential candidate ever to run on a major-party ticket. No one else was even close.

  • She lacks charisma.  (Before Hillary, Richard Nixon was sort of the "gold-standard" for the non-charismatic political candidate.  Hillary makes Nixon look like Santa Claus.)
  • She is an inept political campaigner, and a stiff, wooden public speaker.
  • She has a long history of personal and financial scandals, going back over twenty years.
  • Even the Director of the FBI, a nominal Clinton ally, admits that she is probably a criminal.
  • She appears to be in poor physical health.
  • She is openly hostile to whites, especially working class whites, even though whites make up about 40% of her base.
  • From her days as Secretary of State, she is deeply complicit in the on-going foreign-policy fiascoes in Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea.
  • As a former Obama administration official, she is stuck defending the domestic policies of Barack Obama, even though the majority of Americans believe we need a new direction.  
  • She is a vocal proponent of  "open borders", a position that is profoundly unpopular with a majority of the voters.

And yet she remains the betting favorite to win the election!

How is that even possible?

Well, demographics have a lot to do with it.  Thanks to Obama and his idiot Republican side-kicks, there are a lot more Hispanic voters now than there were eight years ago.  Hispanic voters vote overwhelmingly for the Left.

Another factor is the bitter rift within the Republican Party.  Many prominent Republicans traitors, including both Presidents Bush, are rooting for Hillary against their own party.  

Why would they do that? 

Because they hate Trump's white working class supporters just as much as Hillary does.

But I think the real reason Hillary is winning so far (although Trump has closed the gap a little) is the complete polarization of the American electorate. What I mean by that is: most Democrat voters today are no longer persuadable.  

No matter how badly flawed the Democrat candidate may be, and Hillary's flaws are formidable, and no matter how badly the economy and the domestic welfare are trending, and they're very bad, most Democratic voters are simply no longer capable of changing their minds.

This is something new in recent American history.  

It wasn't that long ago that American voters were all over the place.  The 1960 presidential election was a virtual tie (Kennedy, the Democrat, won the popular vote by less than .2%).  Just four years later the Democratic incumbent (LBJ) won in a landslide.  1968 was another virtual tie (this time Nixon won). 1972 was another landslide for the incumbent (Nixon again).  1976 saw the election of another Democrat (Carter).  It was close.  Four years later Carter lost to Ronald Reagan.  It wasn't close.  Neither was 1984, when the Republican incumbent (Reagan) won another landslide election, the Republicans' second in 12 years.

But wild electoral swings don't seem to happen anymore.  George Bush's victories in 2000 and 2004 were practically identical.  Only one state (New Mexico) changed hands.

In 2008 the Republicans lost six states they had won in 2004.  These states were: New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.  No states moved from the Democrats to the Republicans. Barack Obama won easily over John McCain.

In the 2012 election, the only state that changed hands from 2008 was North Carolina, which moved back to the Republican side (at least temporarily).  It wasn't nearly enough to save Mitt Romney and the Republicans from another humiliating defeat at the hands of Obama and the Democrats.

Predictions are notoriously difficult, of course.  But if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency this time, it seems unlikely that the bitterly divided Republicans will ever be able to win another national election. 

So at least for the forseeable future, the American presidency will become the private property of the corrupt Democrat Party, with a compliant Democrat-majority Congress standing by to rubber stamp all executive decisions, no matter how inane. 

Meanwhile, the newly-radicalized Supreme Court will systematically dismantle the Bill of Rights.  

The American experiment, at least the one we're all familiar with, will be over.

What comes after that?  Who knows?  But to borrow a phrase from the old Monty Python comedy troupe: It will be something completely different.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

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