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Why It Is Imperative For Whites To Remain A Majority In the West
By Dota
I recently left a few comments on Abagond’s blog recently, and unsurprisingly, some of the commentators there accused me of being a white man pretending to be an Indian. For those that have followed me since my days on Robert Lindsay’s blog this is indeed a laughably absurd accusation. One commentator wondered why an Indian would support the Alternative-Right in the first place. His comment was:
Why as an Indian Muslim would you wholeheartedly support this aim, whether in the US or Canada? And no. I’m not suggesting you’d want to implement sharia law, so don’t even go there. But wouldn’t you, as a Canadian Muslim, like to see the institutions of your society be more accepting and understanding of your faith?
For example, assuming you are observant, wouldn’t you prefer more designated prayer spaces, the ability to pray at the proper times without risking disapproval from bosses or teachers or even passers-by, more accomodation and understanding during Ramadan, recognition of your religious holdiays and more ease in being granted time off to observe those sacred days?
I get this a lot, even offline. I’ve previously written about why Paleo-conservatism matters to me and why it ought to be embraced by non whites as well. However the true reason why the Alt-right matters is because white people matter. Whites are the common denominator in the anglosohere and they are the reason why these societies are so livable in the first place. There is simply no getting around this.
Western societies possess insaniyat (इंसानियत) which is lacking in the non western world. What is insaniyat? It isn’t technically a pure (शुध/shudh) Hindi word since it is derived from the Arabic word insaan ( Human :إنسان). Therefore the literal meaning of the word is ‘humanity’, however the commonly understood meaning is closer to the word “compassion.” It is this insaniyat that makes the West better than the rest. During the American depression it was society (philanthropists and Churches) that stepped forward to fund breadlines. These breadlines became the prototype of what we know as soup kitchens today. 
How do Indians assist those in need? Quite simply, they don’t. When Indians are struck with famine, they merely starve to death while the wealthy deposit their wealth in temples hoping to procure divine favor.
The 2013 Alberta floods brought out the best in Canadians. Churches and regular people provided food and shelter to the displaced. Some people from neighbouring Saskatchewan made a 7 hour road trip to assist the people of Alberta. There are thousands of such reports only a google search away. How did Indians respond to the flooding of Uttarakhand in 2013? Like this:
Harmanpreet, along with his two brothers and grandfather, “starved for a marathon 43 hours and resisted their hunger pangs until his grandfather spotted Harmanpreet scavenging on garbage picker’s collected food. On Friday, upon his return aboard Punjab government bus, the teenager and his family broke into tears, while narrating harrowing tales of trauma of spending five days with little or no food.

“Locals refused to waste their own food on us. They started screaming at us, asking us to run away from their neighbourhood as water reached their terraces.” When they managed to secure transport, they were asked to payRs.15,000 for a 200km journey for four people, according to the boy’s grandfather Balwant Singh.

Some may point out that perhaps Indians respond this way because they live in an environment where resources are extremely scarce. Perhaps this is true, however, what then accounts for American generosity during the great depression when resources were equally scarce? Moving on, how do the Chinese fare in insaniyat? Not much better than the Indians it seems. The philanthropic culture in China is still in its infancy. I admit that it is growing, but if China’s culture were truly advanced, why wait for the West to nudge them? What about the middle east? The cruel treatment of Indian labourers in Dubai is now legendary:
The Indian consulate in Dubai has since revealed that at least two Indian expats commit suicide each week. The consul-general stated that most are blue-collar workers who are either semi-skilled or skilled.
Dubai’s per-capita income is one of the highest in the world so I don’t buy the bunk theory that poverty breeds amorality. I needn’t bother with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians since those reports are just as abundant as Dubai’s mistreatment of foreign labour. The point I’m trying to make is that if whites continue to decline, their culture of compassion will die with them. It’s not that Asians and Arabs are incapable of learning this advanced behaviour, but they can only do so under the cultural hegemony of the white man. If they were capable of such behaviour without the civilizing hand of the west, their own nations would be quite livable and there would be no need to flee. There would be no tribal conflicts or honour killings. I’ve had business dealings with South Asians and East Asians over the last couple of years and those encounters have made me cherish my Western clients so much more. Their transparency and integrity are completely absent from the non-western clients I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with.  It is foolish to think that these people are culturally interchangeable with the European peoples that built North America.
A few years ago while visiting my parents in Mumbai I experienced a fascinating incident which I vividly recall even today. As I was entering a building I instinctively held the door open for the person behind me. This is a habit I’d picked up in Toronto where everybody did it. The man behind me was a low caste laborer who looked at me as if I had handed him a million dollars. Clearly nobody had bothered to hold the door open for him before and he was profoundly touched by my gesture. That, my friends, is insaniyat.
From Occidental Invicta (August 28, 2016)

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