Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dangerous Don

“Dangerous Don” And His Detractors

According to the professional pundits who are paid to dictate reality to us, Donald Trump is clearly an evil Satanic Nazi demon who will eat your babies and summon a nuclear holocaust. Oh, and he’s also a fear-monger.

Exactly how dangerous is Trump? He’s apparently so dangerous, his election in November will usher in a global Trumpocalypse that will end human life as we know it.

According to the nervous Germans at Der Spiegel, “Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Claiming that he appeals mainly to “whites and those with relatively little education,” these cuckolded Krauts smear Trump as “the leader of a new, hate-filled authoritarian movement” and is a “threat to world peace.”

Sounds pretty dangerous!

The New York Times refers to Trump as “Donald the Dangerous,” implying that there is no “scarier nightmare” than Trump’s “sweaty finger on the nuclear trigger.” Fairly shitting himself with indignation, a Times blogger says Trump’s supporters are drawn to his “polluted ideas” because they are motivated not by, oh, an eroded manufacturing base and a fracturing culture that despises their very existence but by those old liberal bugaboos of “fear, resentment and hate."  The Times even refers to Trump as “evil,” the most anti-intellectual word ever devised.

The editorial board of the Washington Post—which routinely belches out anti-Trump propaganda as if they were queefs from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s vagina—felt compelled to inform their easily frightened readers that “Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy.” They ululated that a “Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world.” Oh, and he’s also “a unique and present danger.” In other articles, Post writers have referred to Trump as someone who says “dangerous things” and represents a “singular danger” that evokes, but of course, the 1930s and Hitler and the Holocaust.

The warmongering neocon establishment, which has made the Middle East far more dangerous and America far more susceptible to homegrown terrorism, is calling Trump dangerous, too. A group of fifty Republican national security veterans recently signed a letter warning that Trump would be a “dangerous president.” Hillary Clinton, who may as well be a neocon, has condemned Trump as a dangerous isolationist. Former CIA agent Evan McMullin, who is so vain and deluded that he’s actually running for president this year, claims that Trump poses “a larger threat to our national security than ISIS itself.” Iraq War planner Paul Wolfowitz says he will probably vote for Clinton because he considers Trump a danger to national security.

Salon.com implausibly insisted that Trump’s recent masterful speech on immigration in Phoenix was “terrifying,” was “violent, vicious, vile, and repugnant,” would put “lives in danger,” represented “a not too subtle appeal to vigilante violence,” would eventually “get someone killed,” and that Trump voters “will most certainly have blood on their hands.”

On and on the danger-mongering goes: Trump peddles “dangerous fictions,” plays a “dangerous game,” is “far more dangerous” than Pat Buchanan, is “uniquely dangerous in the history of American politics,” represents “A Danger To The World,” and is “An Official Danger To World Peace.”

I’m starting to notice a pattern here—Trump’s legions of naysayers always manage to sound far more bombastic and insane than Trump ever does. For all their claims about his “fear mongering,” it’s readily apparent who’s hysterically and desperately flailing in their attempts to stir a giant boiling rancid vat of fear here. Listen to the fear. Observe the hyperbole. Everything Trump’s critics say is far more unhinged and fearful than anything he says.

New York Daily News columnist Shaun King, the World’s Dumbest White Man, says that “Donald Trump is [a] danger to our country and he must be stopped.” King avers that “It is a genuine embarrassment to our nation that this man has made it into the mainstream of American politics.” He also misspells “populace” as “populous” in the same article, and I only point that out because I feel that Shaun King is a genuine embarrassment to American journalism.

How might Shaun “Ofay” King propose stopping Trump? On Twitter in July, he apparently threatened to overthrow the US government by force:
If Donald Trump becomes President, you are fooling yourself if you think we’re far from having a coup our own selves. I’m dead serious.
You’re dead stupid, too, Shaun, but that’s a matter for another article.

But in his mental simplicity, Shaun King is very instructive: He calls Trump “dangerous,” yet he threatens to support a “coup” if Trump is elected president.
Funny—I don’t recall Trump saying anything nearly so dangerous.

Why is it dangerous to say that America is being inundated with illegal immigrants, many of whom are rapists and gang members? What’s so dangerous about blaming global finance for offshoring America’s manufacturing base and allowing unchecked immigration to drive down wages? How is it remotely dangerous to plainly state that a high quotient of Muslims are innately hostile to Western values? What is the danger in stating that political correctness is a distraction at best and a cancer at worst?

It’s clear what’s dangerous here: illegal immigration, pro-globalist trade deals, Islamic militancy, and the brain-scorching, humor-murdering, thought-squashing speech codes of latter-day PC run amok. And Trump is the only presidential candidate in my lifetime to address these dangers as, well, dangerous.

My dark and fearful suspicion is that the hyperbolic hysteria of the anti-Trump squads is merely an egregious and extended act of mass projection. The “danger” of which they speak is their infantile reaction should Trump be elected. Based merely on their insane reaction to his candidacy, I do not expect them to react maturely. The implied threat here seems to be “If you elect him, we will riot in the streets.” Sounds a mite dangerous to me.

Based on the ruling global elites’ seething, unmasked, and unanimous hatred for alleged hatemonger Donald Trump, I suspect that the main danger he represents is to their power and comfort. Globalism is Manifest Destiny for bankers, and Trump stands in their way.

For the anti-Trumpers outside the One Percent, those brainwashed peons who view Trump as the embodiment of human evil, he also presents a significant danger—he threatens to destroy the false egalitarian dreamland that’s been drilled into their heads since infancy. But it’s a fake world anyway, and it needs to be destroyed because it’s highly dangerous to sculpt public policy and sustain a culture based on false premises. The death toll of the 20th century’s egalitotalitarian regimes—the ones who weren’t Nazis, the ones they never tell you about—is a grim reminder of such dangers.

So yes—Donald Trump is dangerous, but in the best possible way.

From Taki Magazine (September 5, 2016)

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