Monday, September 19, 2016

Chelsea Morning

I woke up
It was a Chelsea morning
-Joni Mitchell
* * * * *

The Left's Chelsea SNAFU

By Hateful Heretic

Sunday night, Muslims attacked Americans across the country, from Minnesota to New York to New Jersey to Virginia. The bombing in the NYC district of Chelsea, being the most visible, is getting wall-to-wall news coverage as I write this.

The left's instinct to attack Trump every time he opens his mouth got the best of them. Trump, not being one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, called the bomb in New York city a bomb shortly before the NYPD officially confirmed that yes, the bomb was indeed a bomb, not a spontaneous dumpster explosion.

Apparently, this was a horrible thing to do and makes Trump a racist.

The problem the left has is their anti-Trump hysteria is increasingly making Trump looks normal. Trump doesn't need to win over the alt right. He doesn't need to win over edgy right-libertarians who post Pinochet memes. He doesn't need to win over angry former Tea Partiers who just want the Bush and Clinton families to hang. He needs to win over normal, middle-of-the-road, center-right voters who don't think much about politics until election season. These are the sort who can easily be convinced to say, "Eh, I don't see much difference between the jackass and the witch. Guess I'll stay home again."

But now, when they turn on the TV, they see Trump saying things every normal person knows. In this case, he sees Trump calling a bomb a "bomb"...and liberals losing their goddamned minds. The thought forms in their minds that there is something seriously, disturbingly wrong with liberals. What kind of sick, depraved human being gets upset at calling a bomb exactly what it is? How does your mind become so twisted that you attack your opponent for correctly stating exactly what happened in New York? And how on earth could we ever allow such loathsome, vile cretins to be responsible for our national security?

At this point, Trump needs to do very little, as it looks like the Democrats plan to hand the election to him.

From Radix (September 18. 2016)

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