Friday, September 23, 2016

Blacks Are Irredeemable

Indianapolis Police Employ "Community Engagement Officers" To Interact With Black Community Because Black Citizens Persist In Protecting Black Criminals

By Paul Kesey

Irredeemable is the only word applicable to the situation.

Remember: in America, black individuals and/or the black community can never be blamed for violence, patterns of violence, or misery they create; white people, systemic racism, structural racism, institutional racism, historical discrimination, the legacy of slavery, and, of course, white privilege, are all sound and reasonable explanations for why the quality of life found in majority black communities falls shockingly short of every positive metric used to determine the health of a neighborhood, school, or a city.

So what happens when black people are responsible for not just the majority of the gun violence in Indianapolis, but in protecting those black people who use a firearm to commit robberies, home invasions, nonfatal shootings and murders? 

The police send out Community Engagement Officers to ... engage a community committed to protecting black criminals from being arrested for their crimes (though the bulk of those crimes are committed against black people). [IMPD offers social services to neighborhood struck by violent crime,, September 14, 2016]:

People in a near northeast side neighborhood hard hit by violence are getting door knocks from Indianapolis Metro Police. But this time, officers are hitting the 22nd and North College Street area with some much-needed help from a number of social services agencies.
People living in the area have witnessed three recent deadly shootings, including one on Sept. 3rd when police officers rushed in after gunfire to find a young man shot dead.
Wednesday, Community Engagement Officers returned to the same streets to offer people living here a chance to talk about what would help stop to the violence.
Engagement officers brought social service workers with them to help reach out to the residents and tackle those issues that might be the underlying causes like drug addiction, poverty and even unemployment.
"They realize we are not there to take anybody to jail, but we are there to help them with their problems. Whether it's behavioral health, poverty or things of that nature, they wills see us in a different light and so they may start to confide in us and talk to us and we have to those conversations about what's driving the violence in neighborhoods, who is driving the violence in neighborhoods. It is narcotics and is it gang problems. We have to have that dialogue. We have to have that information. We have that relationship because it is a problem that we have to solve together," said IMPD Asst. Chief Jim Waters.
Police believe they have a better chance at solving the three shootings here by tackling the things that lead to violence in this neighborhood.
There's no getting off this ride, folks: our government (at the federal, state and local levels) is entirely devoted to improving the quality of life for black people at the expense of providing services for the white taxpayer... because your tax dollars are being diverted to fund the Eternal Negro Improvement Project.

In a more civilized age, the government would enact laws to quarantine the black population - logically, the source of the violence, gang problems, drugs and the people responsible for creating poverty via unemployment (because no sane investor would dare open a business in a community overwhelmed with the liability of a majority black population) - and protect white people and the communities they create.

Reasoning? Because the government is run on behalf of taxpayers to improve their quality of life via public projects to improve not just the community, for in creating long-term sustainability for their posterity.

Our government, though, does the exact opposite: the short-term investment in improving the depressingly discernible low quality of life black people create results in abandoning all sensible, low-term projects/investments that would be enjoyed by our posterity.

Irredeemable is the only word that comes to mind to describe the scenario unfolding in not just Indianapolis, but Everywhere, USA.

From Stuff Black People Don't Like (September 15, 2016)

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