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Two [Black] Youths Murder [White] Mississippi Store Clerk

Christine Ledlow (L) With Daughter

The Death Of Christine Ledlow, Mississippi Store Clerk And Mother

Fifteen minutes.

Fifteen minutes away from clocking out and then two black males walk in to her store.

Micah Bostic and Brooklyn Taylor.

And only fifteen minutes away from clocking out, Christine Ledlow would never again leave the store to see her children.

There is no United States of America anymore, only a country people vaguely remember as once being a nice place to live. Now this great, big landmass is nothing more than a place where we work, shop, eat, and sleep with the greatest of hope that in between these events we don't become just another nameless individual murdered by a black person.

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Corinth investigators charged a 17-year-old with capital murder in the death of a gas station clerk.
Investigators said the teen shot and killed Christine Ledlow, 43, minutes before she would have gotten off work. She worked at the Mapco on Highway 72 in Corinth.
Surveillance video showed two men enter the gas station and hold up the clerk. Police have not released the video, but said Ledlow put her hands up and was shot in the chest.
Dozens of tips poured into the Corinth police station after the shooting. Parents of one of the men involved grabbed their son and turned him in for his participation in the robbery and murder.
"I felt like he took an innocent person's life and I felt like he needed to turn himself in," Tyrone Traylor, father, said. "It was very hard. I pretty much had to turn my back because I didn't want him to see the tears that was flowing."
That 17-year-old has now been charged with capital murder. His father identified him as Brooklyn Nyzell Traylor.
"Once we got there, I told the investigator I'm here to turn him in and he said 'no'. I need to let you all know I turn myself in," Tyrone said.
Tyrone said his son was recently in a mental hospital and has since developed a drug problem. He said he has not been the same since and never thought he could do something like this.
"I just want to tell that family I'm sorry," Tyrone said.
Police said after Traylor left the gas station, he ditched his hoodie on a side street and then walked into Walmart and stole a shirt to change. Everything, including the shooting, was caught on cameras. 
"It's the problem that people think they can shoot people and get away with it. The gun is not the problem. It's the heart of the person carrying the gun," Chief Ralph Dance said.
Corinth police officers are still searching for a second man involved in the shooting. Police have not released pictures or a description of the second suspect, but they said they know his identity.
Police said Traylor is due in court Wednesday and they expect him to be held without bond.

From WMCActionNews5 (February 2, 2016)

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CORINTH, MS (WMC) The second suspect police have been searching for in the shooting death of a Mapco clerk in Corinth has been arrested
Micah Bostic, 24, was arrested Tuesday night in Ripley, Mississippi.
Police believe Bostic is the other individual involved in the shooting death of store clerk Christine Ledlow.
Brooklyn Traylor, 17, was arrested earlier this week when his parents convinced him to turn himself in for his involvement in the crime. He has been charged with capital murder.
"We believe they went in to rob the individual and when the shooting started, they both ran on foot," Chief Ralph Dance said.
Traylor faced a judge Wednesday afternoon in Alcorn County while his family sat watching as he answered to capital murder charges. Traylor was eventually denied bond.
"He needed to turn himself in," Traylor's father, Tyrone Traylor, said.
Just hours before Traylor was to face the judge, Ripley police caught Bostic, the second person police believe is responsible for the murder.
Police said Bostic was hiding at his girlfriend's house.
"He was hiding out. He knew we were looking for him. He was in Tippah County, in Ripley," Dance said.
Police said although video only shows Traylor firing shots at Ledlow, Bostic is also facing capital murder charges.
"You have a young man, a teenager, less than 18 years old, who is the alleged shooter," Traylor's attorney Clay Nails said. "If this was a football game, we haven't even had the opening kick off yet."
Nails said the next step is to see if a grand jury will take the case to trial. He said if it goes to trial, he will ask for a change of venue since the murder of Ledlow has been heavily covered by the media.
The quick arrests can be credited to help from the public and surveillance video.
"We couldn't have done it without the public. We wouldn't have done it without the surveillance video. The surveillance video was key to apprehending these two in a quick manner," Dance said.
The arrests will not bring back the mother of two, but they may help bring justice for her family.
"I just want to tell that family that I'm sorry," Traylor's father said.
Bostic is scheduled to be in court Thursday.

From WMCActionNews5 (February 3, 2016)

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