Monday, February 1, 2016

Black Celebration Month - More African Than American

By Buck Swamp

February is called "Black History Month", but it really should be called "Black Celebration Month”, because that’s what it’s become—a celebration of blackness itself.

To that I say: “Right on!” 

Let us never forget to celebrate, for lack of a better word, the contributions of African-Americans to the transformation of 21st-century America into something that is, in the words of Malcolm X, more African than American.  

Malcolm X - More African Than American 

The Ballad Of Emmett Till 

Black Power, Now And Forever 

The Many Pathologies Of African-American Culture 

School Days In The Heart Of Darkness 

The Dirty Lowdown Murdering Inner-City Blues 

Civilization Is Not Always A Viable Option 

Let's Blame Whitey For Black Violence In Schools 

The Killing Fields Of Baltimore

Racial Solidarity Keeps Getting Blacks Killed 

The Problem Is Black People 

Chaos Theory And The Justice System

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